We Are In This Together

Call (702) 499-8606 before or as soon as you have a trip in mind. During our conversation, I will ask you some key questions to find out the information needed to recommend the services and care that we feel you need. We love it when we hear you say "Oh, I didn't even think of that." To further pinpoint care of your pets and home, we will make a date for a meet and greet. You can also e-mail us at:

If you would like information prior to our first meet and greet, make a request for license, bond and insurance information and/or referrals from families in your area. Those can be faxed or mailed to you per request.

Our first visit is a wonderful meeting so that you can meet Toni's pet sitter and we can meet you and your family. This is the time where we will exchange more information about us and your family's needs, receive keys and payment for all future dependable pet care.

The day before you leave, we can text you to confirm your trip plans so you know that we'll be there to take over their care. Within time, when you get the suitcases out, you won't get the cattitude or the doggie sad eyes because they will know after you leave that Toni's Pet Sitters will be there to take care of them.


During your time away, we may call or text you just to let you know something fun or to ask you a question. Of course, we welcome all calls from you too.

We may write notes that connect you to the time you were away, consisting of times of enjoyment with your pet or particular observations. We may also add something we may want to inform you of about your pets or your home and a reminder for you to call us when you get home safely and they are now safe at home with you. Our responsibility doesn't end till we hear from you.