"We Are Pet Approved"

Toni's Pet Sitters are licensed, bonded and insured friends and family taking loving care of your furry friends and family in their own home. We do love and know a whole lot about dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, ferrets, birds, horses, hamsters, fish and some reptiles and snakes (Sorry. We can't feed live things to them). We are very dependable, very experienced and therefore recommended by veterinarians, animal hospitals, pet specialty shops and other local pet sitters throughout Southeast, South and Southwest areas of Las Vegas.

Toni's Pets Sitters has grown every year through referrals of pet parents noticing upon their return that their pets were relaxed, happy and not angry at them for leaving!

We are full time pet and home sitters which means that there is one or more of us always available for all of your pet and home care needs. We've all had training in pet CPR and first aid.

We all have pet parents who will not make travel plans until they confirm we are available to come to their home and take care of "the kids" (sorry no two legged ones).

Meet Toni - I started working for a wonderful Henderson veterinarian hospital in 2003 because of my love and compassion for animals. I do believe I am part cat and part dog because we understand each other so well. Within a couple of months the likeminded, loving and passionate staff felt and saw my compassion with the hospital's pets and their owners and started referring me for their clients' pet sitting needs. I spent four amazing years learning everything I could at the pet hospital and pet sitting and believe that in addition to my bond with pets has made me one of the best pet sitters in the area. I believe that because I have so many happy and content pet families that continue to request my companies pet sitting services and refer me to their friends and family. Because of all their wonderful referrals, 14 years later I am providing myself and 3 other remarkably loving and experienced fellow pet lovers help me provide pet sitting for all of your pet care needs.


Meet Carrie - She was born in Wyoming and spent lots of time with her father watching the wildlife all around them. At age 13 she started volunteering at the veterinarian hospital where her father worked and for 3 years she walked the rescued dogs that needed to be adopted. After graduation from high school she was hired full time and found out she had the passion to help and care for all types of animals and pets. After moving to Las Vegas she continued her veterinarian technician education at Pima Medical Institute and did her internship at Lied Animal Shelter. Straight out of school she was hired at the animal hospital where I worked and was there for over 10 years before being hired as an independent contractor for Toni's Pet Sitters. She and her children have 5 furry kids that Carrie rescued because nobody wanted them because they needed medical treatment. She nursed them back to health and happiness. I have known Carrie for 12 years and I know your pets will just love her.

Meet Arlene - She is another pet lover who absolutely loves taking care of any kind of pets. She worked with Carrie for over 8 years as a veterinarian assistant at the same hospital where Carrie and I worked. She feels that it is one of the most rewarding careers she could ask for. She hopes to finish school and continue taking care of pets for a very long time. She is a native born Nevadan from Las Vegas and is now raising her 2 cats, Clark and Kent, and a very silly pit bull named Shelby. I have know Arlene for 9 years and hired her as an independent contractor because of her knowledge and love of pets. I just knew that she would be a wonderful pet sitter for you and me. She has acquired many wonderful pet sitting references as I knew she would.

Meet Andrea - She has always loved and had an appreciation for all animals which led her to start working in the veteriarian field. She worked her way up from kennel to veterinarian assistant 16 years ago. She would like to continue school to become a licensed veterinarian technician and pet nutritionist. She was born and raised in Henderson, NV and still loves living and working here. She's a mother of 3 amazing children, 2 girls who will be starting kindergarten and an active Marine. Her two other adopted children are Ozzie, a pug/terrier mix and Rozy, a beagle/Dachsund mix. Carrie and Arlene asked me to to consider bringing in Andrea as an independent contractor because of her work at the veterinarian hospital where we all worked. I have known Andrea for 6 years and she is a wonderful pet sitter with many happy pet families that she has taken care of. She sincerely hopes to meet yours too.